Continual Professional Development in Pedagogy is critical for the improvement of school outcomes. With key initiatives such as Great Teachers = Great Results, the Australian Curriculum, Art and Science of Teaching, etc. it is important to have a professional development plan to successfully​ implement these initiatives​ in the classroom.

There are seven modules in the Teacher Induction and Development program to support beginning teachers in their transition to full registration, teachers to meet their continuing professional development (CPD) requirements, teachers transitioning into Junior Secondary, and school-based induction and capability development. The modules are short, self-paced, flexible, accessible, stand-alone and interactive.

Online Coaching Modules - The department has launched online coaching modules to increase teacher content knowledge and skills across a range of learning and pedagogy areas. The series is the result of a partnership between the department and the Queensland College of Teachers. These modules will support early career and experienced teachers in the good work they do in schools.

For a full list of upcoming Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) Workshops in your area view QCAA Sunshine Coast Workshops or QCAA Wide Bay Workshops.

For professional learning opportunities exclusive to the needs of teacher aides see Australian Teacher Aide​.  The Australian Teacher Aide professional learning community provides access to professional learning resources and networking opportunities with peers.


Other Information​

Postgraduate Qual​​​ifications

Teachers and Heads of Teaching have the opportunities to continue their professional development with postgraduate programs at the University of the Sunshine Coast. The Masters of Education is the main pathway for further study in Education. A variety of other programs are offered with varying entry requirements and course structures.

Links to other Professional Development or Associations

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership​ (AITSL) for teacher resources and standards.
​Classroom Connections for advice and guidance about curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment and reporting

Links to useful information

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