The centre

One of our major strengths is our comprehensive facilities at the Institute of Professional Learning Centre. We can work with you to understand what you need for your event and then ensure you have everything available and ready to go. This includes room selection, audio/visual equipment, video conferencing, pens and pads, food and drink and lots more.

We also know that planning covers 90% but we are here on the day ready for that other 10% that crops up. Did someone forget their laptop and needs to access the internet? Need 20 copies of the agenda printed out in a hurry? Need a USB to copy some files? We are able to handle these emergencies so your facilitator can settle in and get ready.

If you are new to event planning we can help. Our experienced event manager can help with the planning – event registrations, participant kits and more.

Our rooms

At the Centre we have 8 rooms of various configurations and equipment. We can hold small groups of 10 up to large conferences of 250. When we discuss your needs we can organise the best option - single or multiple rooms. All rooms have state of the art audio/visual equipment.


​All our equipment is onsite and installed so there are no last minute surprises. We boast a high tech environment with 8 data projectors, sound systems, video conferencing and more.

Data projectors – they are all built in and ready to go. Bring your laptop and plug it in ready to go. Even easier – bring a USB stick and use one of our laptops. We have large screen projection with clarity for all. Some rooms have dual projectors for improved viewing other rooms have additional TV screens so those in the back can see!

Audio equipment – for those events where you need to play a video and want quality sound, want music during work sessions or just have a fantastic song to motivate your team. Our sound systems are built in and ready to go.

Microphone – we have a wireless microphone for those larger groups.

Video Conferencing – our video conferencing allows you to bring others into the session as a speaker or a participant. Easy to setup and get going a perfect solution for remote staff or guest speakers.

Whiteboards – we have whiteboards in all rooms and interactive whiteboards to help facilitate and save for later. They are ready to go with marker pens so you will never run out.

Flipcharts – perfect for those breakout groups to work on and bring back to share.

Pens, pads, mints and more – need some – we have them.

The little stuff – pointers, marker pens, mouse, USB sticks, photocopier and more. All here and ready for you.

Technology support - We can offer tech support on standby for those times when you need the insurance.



The food you offer can be that special extra that makes the day memorable. We aim to cover all ranges of needs and budgets. We also work with you so you can offer special diets to your group – vegan, gluten free, etc. About 10% of people need special diets – we can include this at no extra charge or fuss.

Choose from a number of our packages or talk to us to create something especially for you.


If you are on a budget or just want a simple choice, the Bronze package is for you. This package includes tea /coffee on arrival, morning and afternoon tea with Mini muffins, assorted biscuits and fruit platter. and for lunch assorted sandwiches with juice.


This is our most popular choice – enough food for any hungry tummy and a layout that will wow your participants. The Gold package includes tea /coffee on arrival, morning tea with slices and fruit, lunch with a selection of hold or cold options with juice.


This is the option to impress. Many of our corporate clients choose this package because they want to provide something extra for their team. The Platinum package includes tea /coffee on arrival, morning tea with slices, fruit and cheese and a hot lunch with juice, afternoon coffee/tea with biscuits. Enjoy bottled water and lollies for your team during the day.