Your event

Whether you are looking to plan an event with 10 or 250 we offer a range of rooms and options for you to choose. Our 8 rooms can be setup in a variety of ways to give your participants the space they need to work effectively.

We have a number of examples of events that we excel in from business planning groups, medium sized workshops up to multi day conferences with breakout sessions.

Planning workshops

If you are looking to create a workshop or planning day then we have a number of options to suit.

Our boardroom is setup for 10-15 people and has easy access to power for everyone’s laptops and unlimited internet access so you are connected with your company.

Have your team enjoy Coffee and Tea on arrival in our network area and then get stuck into business. For the serious and hardworking we can have coffee in your room all day or take a break during the day for drinks and lunch. Take a walk outside to the lovely University grounds and enjoy a cappuccino at the café next door.

We have a wide range of presentation aids for your planning session. An interactive whiteboard is great to create ideas and save for later. Our boardroom has a permanent data projector and screen – just plug in your laptop. We have pointers, flipcharts and more – just ask and we will include them.

Training workshops

Looking to train your team in sales? Have a new product launch coming up? Introducing new systems and processes to improve efficiency? Need to do some mandated training in OH&S?  We have seen all these and more.

We have a room for 10 or rooms that seat 80 in comfort. We have round table configurations for group work or desks for classroom style presentations.

Our larger rooms have 2 data projectors so everyone can see. Just bring your laptop and plug it in and start presenting.

Do you need to involve some remote staff or another office? We have video conference facilities to help you get your message out.

Choose your food and drink options from our 3 packages – Bronze, Gold and Diamond or work with us and create your own. Our Gold package is the most popular – treat your team to a feed.

Need extra space for breakouts. We have the casual environment of the networking area or extra rooms for you.


Need a space for a larger event? Start of year meetings, product launches or a multi-day, multi-stream conference for 100 delegates. We can configure the Institute of Professional Learning Centre to meet all these needs.

We can configure one room in theatre style and other rooms for multi-stream smaller groups. Each room can have its own audio visual as it is all onsite and built in.

Our network area shines at conference time. Welcome your group with coffee and tea and encourage them to network and discuss. Setup a few product tables to allow your suppliers to showcase their products. Use the area for lunch or drinks at the end of the day – keep the discussions rolling.

Want to impress with food? Choose from a variety of options – hot or cold. Want something special – let us organise a barbeque outside on the grounds of the University. We can also cater for special needs such as vegan, gluten free and more. 

We also provide event management services to create conference goodie packs or provide event registration advice and services. 

Technology training

At the Institute of Professional Learning Centre we have 40 laptops that can be configured to support your technology training. Do you need to train Microsoft Office? What about access to the internet and some cloud based systems? Looking to educate on some new trends in business?  We can set up a small 10 person workshop for hands-on training or a larger room full of laptops for your team.

Are you a training organisation looking to provide weekly training for your clients and need a professional environment to make an impression? We can work with you to have laptops setup for your sessions. Use the data projectors or an interactive whiteboard to help present.

Offer your clients or team a professional experience from the welcome coffee/tea to the hot lunch and afternoon cakes. Let us take care of the organising while you focus on your clients.​