Continual professional development for teaching staff is a key focus of the Department to ensure  students receive the education and skills they need to contribute in the future.

There is a wide range of professional development options that cover postgraduate studies as well as specific programs that align with Regional, State and Federal Initiatives. These include the Art and Science of Teaching, Great teachers= Great Results and More Support​ for Students with Disabilities to name a few.


Review the various options in the section on Pedagogy. Enhance your technology skills to help your teaching as well as your student learning with technology.

If you are looking at the next step in your career development then review the leadership options that will enhance your skills in pedagogy leadership or school leadership.

Teacher Aides 

Teacher Aides are a core ingredient in a successful classroom. This role has grown over the years and now requires a greater breadth of knowledge that includes technology, assistive learning and more. Formal qualifications including a Certificate IV in Education Support​ are becoming sought after recognition for professional development.